Thursday, January 28

13:30 – 14:20

The principles of the circular economy are obvious. Now it is just a question of their implementation. How do you collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers so that they readily take back their materials after use? How do you get agreements on paper that result in something more than a mere gentleman’s agreement?

Besides delivering knowledge and discussion about what the circular economy means, this debate aims to deliver actual “tools” for putting the circular economy in practice. This will be done through several practical examples including: The recently completed Alliander Building from Turntoo, which exemplifies circular ambitions, as well as the yet to be built ABN AMRO pavilion in Amsterdam by ArchitectenCie, which was also designed with circular economy ambitions at the forefront. A short presentation from Hans Hammink of ArchitectenCie will clarify the office’s work and Pi de Bruijn will take part in a debate with Thomas Rau, to be hosted by Materia’s Els Zijlstra.