Archello is the only platform that tells multiple stories around projects, from the manufacturer to the architect, making it the richest and the most complete platform for architecture and design.


Architectenweb is a platform for architects in the Netherlands. It offers designers a wide range of different possibilities for gaining and sharing professional information.


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BNI (Dutch Association of Interior Architects)

BNI is the Dutch Association of Interior Architects. The aim of the organization is to stimulate and promote Dutch interior architects both inside and outside the country.

Bouwen met Staal (Building with Steel)

Launched in 1967, this trade magazine delivers news and current events as well as information about recent steel construction projects and (scientific) developments relating to building with steel.

This publication attracts the interest of some 18,000 readers: from developers to federal, state and municipal governments, to architects, contractors, engineers, steel fabricators, manufacturers and suppliers.

Duurzaam Gebouwd

Duurzaam Gebouwd is a knowledge platform for the construction and real estate sector. Its mission is to make the building environment sustainable, by informing partners and members. The organisation has several communication channels like magazines, websites and events.
More information and interesting publications about sustainability in the building environment can be found at:

Houtblad (Wood Journal)

Houtblad is an information platform for professionals in the wood and construction industry. This platform informs professionals in the building and construction related sectors about the responsible use and application of wood and sheet materials.


Frame is the world’s leading interior design publication. The magazine has subscribers and
distributors in 73 countries, alongside digital editions and licenses in China, Korea and Turkey.
Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has remained faithful to its mission: to put interior
architecture on the map.

Inside Information

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Mark sees itself as a platform for the practice and perception of architecture at the dawn of the third
millennium. Since its launch in 2005, the magazine has been a timely, visual, non-academic publication based around first-hand information from creative people. Mark has a radically international perspective, shining a spotlight on starchitects and new talent alike, while exploring the boundaries of the field and anticipating the industry’s future.


Pi is the leading magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium for interior architecture and interior products for the contract market. Sectors covered include: offices, restaurants, retail, public buildings, buildings in the cultural sector, health care and education.