The independent Materia exhibition includes the most innovative and spectacular materials from the Materia collection that have been scouted in the past year by the Materia editors. Combined with no less than 20 life-sized exhibition pieces, you can enjoy yourself with everything that is new and unusual in the materials world.

Textile + concrete + gravity = fantastic design

Fabric formwork is an alternative technique for making concrete constructions, using a textile mould in which concrete is poured. Geelen Beton and students from the Technical University Eindhoven joined forces to build a column using this technique. Come admire it during Material Xperience 2017!

Transparent, daylight regulating and energy generating solar panels

The transparent solar panels from Lumiduct turn an ordinary glass façade into a daylight regulating and energy generating one! Come to Material Xperience 2017 to see these moving, new generation solar panels!

Print your façade pixel by pixel!

It is possible to build with ceramics using a robot! A full 3D construction is possible with tiny bricks that only use a fraction of the energy used to fire an ordinary brick. At Material Xperience 2017, this construction will be exhibited.

3D printed steel nodes for more design freedom!

3D printing makes it possible to design complex steel nodes individually. Come to Material Xperience 2017 to see a steel node by Arup that can be used for building bridges!

Bricks made from paper

The Paper Bricks from Woojai Lee are made from old newspapers, but are just as strong and stackable as real bricks! At Material Xperience 2017, this material will be shown as part of the independent Materia exhibition.